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App: Learn Swahili in 3 minutes (iOS / Android)

Learn 5,000 Words in short units of 3 minutes each!
Learn Swahili much faster than with regular learning methods!
Each learning unit lasts only 3 minutes.
With 17 Minute Languages' unique long term memory learning method, you can learn Swahili in no time flat.
Soon you will be able to communicate fluently in Swahili.

This is how you learn with the app: This app works with a unique learning method.
With this method you will learn new vocabulary in no time flat. Already learned vocabulary will be repeated using a specific timed pattern:
You will never forget this vocabulary again!

Learn vocabulary systematically: Achieve new learning levels step by step with one single app! Do you already have some prior knowledge?
Then the app will offer you an assessment test.
It lasts only 2 minutes.
Afterwards the app will start in the perfect point for you.

This is how the long-term learning method works: You learn a new word. Our app helps you store this new word in your long-term memory: If you have translated the term correctly at the first attempt at every review, then this word will remain permanently in your long-term memory.

A word, which is not correctly translated, returns to the beginning of the queue. This learning method is based on the latest findings from research on vocabulary learning. This is the most effective way to build vocabulary!

These are the advantages of learning Swahili with this app: Trust a proven system:
More than 540,000 people are learning a foreign language with us!